Is Media Fear-Mongering Turning Men Away From Life-Changing Testosterone Therapy?

Review: Fox News Article

If you’re a man, especially a man over forty, you’d be wise to get checked for low testosterone. Testosterone not only controls your sexual drive and erections; it also plays a key role in energy and stamina, mood and memory, muscle strength, and your overall sense of self-confidence. That’s why men with low testosterone often feel like they’ve “lost their edge.”

For these reasons, and more, it’s important to seek a solution for low testosterone. Yet, according to a recent Fox news article, testosterone replacement therapy “…has been vilified by the media over the past decade.” and we think it’s time to set the record straight.

In February, the Mayo Clinic released a review on testosterone therapy and cardiovascular risk, finally putting to rest many of the misconceptions about testosterone therapy. According to the article, “a few poorly conducted, but well-publicized, studies suggested that testosterone therapy was unsafe and increased the risk of cardiovascular disease. But the overwhelming majority of scientific evidence shows that the exact opposite is true.” In fact, numerous studies have shown that higher testosterone levels are associated with a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease and not the other way around.

"Numerous studies have shown that higher testosterone levels are associated with a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease and not the other way around."

As we age, men can experience a one to two percent decline in testosterone every year. To make matters worse, current research suggests that chemicals and other environmental stressors can accelerate these testosterone declines in men. Testosterone therapy has been used with great success to treat testosterone deficiencies and their accompanying symptoms for the last 70 years; improving the quality of life for untold numbers of men who would have been left no other option than to suffer in silence. If media hype has deterred you from considering testosterone therapy, read and consider the following:

CHOLESTEROL & BLOOD SUGAR? According to the article, testosterone helps patients lower their cholesterol and blood sugar which reduces the risk of heart disease. In addition, testosterone can help men to slim down which can have a profoundly positive effect on cardiovascular health.

WHAT ABOUT ROID RAGE? Well, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that men with low T who underwent testosterone therapy over a sixty-day period saw an increase in energy, an increase in “good feelings” and “friendliness,” and a decrease in anger, nervousness and irritability. For many men, testosterone makes them feel stronger, more confident, and more in control. It sharpens focus and mental clarity.

FAULTY RESEARCH? According to the article, “a few earlier (and flawed) studies unfortunately painted testosterone therapy with a broad and toxic brush.” It continued, “One study reversed raw data, another published symptoms that had never been tracked prior to the study, and a third literally sought out and reported studies with patients who experienced adverse cardiovascular events.”

Finally, and most importantly, the article cautions readers not to “…mistake media hype for a sound medical decision,” which is what happened with estrogen therapy. A 2002 study claimed that estrogen replacement therapy was a serious risk to women’s health. As a result, estrogen therapy was stigmatized by the media. Almost a decade later it was reported that refusing estrogen hormones had caused the early deaths of nearly 50,000 women. “The last thing any of us want is for men to experience the same thing!” the article concludes.

Testosterone replacement may not be the right choice for every aging man, but it’s worth considering. And if you do, seek out professionals who specialize in hormone replacement. These specialists will know how to prescribe a therapy that’s right for you, and how to administer it safely and effectively.


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