Testosterone Replacement Therapy and the “Side Effects” of Inexperience

Review: Fox News Article

Physicians in record numbers are getting into the business of prescribing testosterone therapies with little, or no experience.

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of men and women turning to testosterone therapy for relief of age-related issues, such as decreased sex drive, weight gain, fatigue, and loss of muscle mass, to name just a few. By 2011, prescriptions for testosterone replacement had reached 5.3 million.

As the market for hormone replacement increases, health care professionals of all types - and all skill levels - are clamoring for their piece of the pie. As a result, many patients may not be receiving the experienced, quality care that a safe and effective hormone therapy requires.

A study published in the November issue of JAMA raised fears over side effects associated with testosterone replacement - creating a veritable “field day” for trial lawyers. But critics of the study say that it’s not the testosterone therapy itself that’s generating side effects; but rather the lack of experience of those who are administering the treatment.

"It’s not testosterone itself that’s causing side effects; but rather the lack of experience of those who are administering it!"

According to a recent Fox News article, inadequate testing and failure to seek care from experienced hormone therapy professionals can result in a “very rocky path” when it comes to managing hormone levels. “Trends like the current mass appeal of testosterone therapy cause an upsurge of inferior products and administration by less-than-qualified individuals for a quick buck,” the article continued. “Hormones affect nearly every reaction in the body, meaning great care and expertise is vital to optimal outcomes.”

Bottom line; work with experienced professionals. Though they may be well trained in their chosen fields, you wouldn’t go to your podiatrist for a toothache, and you wouldn’t see your dentist about a bunion! If you feel that your symptoms may be related to a hormone deficiency, seek a thorough evaluation from a physician who specializes in hormone replacement therapy.

At Andrologix, our proactive approach to potential side effects and expertise in the field of preventive medicine is something that has always set us head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Experience is essential to making the right diagnosis and recommending the right solution.

Sources: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/03/03/testosterone-therapy-is-it-right-for/

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