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Articles on Low T, ED, and Hormone Replacement:

source: Newsweek Magazine
Study: Growth Hormone Combo Reverses Biological Aging

source: UWA Medical School
Study: Higher Testosterone Levels may slow the Aging Process

source: Renal & Urology News
Study: Testosterone Replacement Therapy Does Not Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer

source: Science Daily
Testosterone Therapy Improves Sexual Function & Quality of Life - Boston University School of Medicine

source: The Mayo Clinic
Study: Testosterone Therapy Reduced A1c in Men with Low Testosterone and Type 2 Diabetes

source: The Mayo Clinic
Myth Busted! Testosterone Actually Reduces Heart Attack Risk in Men with Pre-existing Heart Disease

source: The Daily Mail
Testosterone Helps Dieters Lose Fat but Retain Lean Muscle

source: Harvard Men’s Health Watch
Testosterone First: the Harvard Approach to Treating Erectile Dysfunction

source: The Daily Mail
Low Testosterone Dramatically Increases the Risk of Depression in Men

source: Oxford Journals
Restoring Testosterone Lowers Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

source: FoxNews
Is Media Fear-Mongering Turning Men Away From Life-Changing Testosterone Therapy?

source: WebMD HealthDay
More Muscles Linked to Longer Life!

source: FoxNews
Testosterone Therapy and the “Side Effects” of Inexperience.

source: Newsweek
Is Male Menopause Real?

source: ezinearticles
Testosterone: It's Not Just for Muscle Anymore

source: Live Science
Men with Low T More Likely to Die

source: USNews & World Report
Studies Support Testosterone Supplements for Older Men

source: Eugene Shippen, MD.
Excerpts from The Testosterone Syndrome

source: Dr. Richard F. Walker
Sermorelin Q&A with Dr. Richard Walker

source: Science Daily
Declining Testosterone Levels are Not an Inevitable Part of the Aging Process, Study Finds

source: FoxNews
Find Relief from Menopause Using Bioidentical Hormone Therapy



AOD-9604 [Targeted Anti-Obesity Drug] (injectable)
This revolutionary peptide not only stimulates the breakdown of body fat, it also inhibits the formation of new fat particularly around the abdomen. AOD-9604 mimics the way our natural growth hormone regulates fat metabolism.

BPC 157 [A Healing Body Protection Compound] (injectable)
If you’re an active individual who has been sidelined by the pain and discomfort of a sports injury, BPC 157 can help accelerate the healing process to get you back on your feet and back in the game.

CJC-1295/Ipamorelin [Boost Growth Hormone Production] (injectable)
This potent peptide combination promises to deliver the muscle-building, fat-burning, energy-boosting benefits of increased Growth Hormone levels in a stronger, sustained and natural way.

Kisspeptin-10 [HCG Alternative] (injectable)
Kisspeptin (KP-10) is a beneficial addition to your Testosterone Replacement Therapy for it's ability to maintain fertility and deter against testicular atrophy.

PT-141 [Increase Sexual Desire] (injectable)
Among the incredible advances made in the treatment of sexual disorders is a unique peptide called PT-141 (Bremelanotide) which increases sexual desire and arousal in both men and women; and shows great promise as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

GHK-Cu [Repairs, Protects and Regenerates Skin] (cream)
This regenerative tripeptide has been shown to tighten loose skin; improve skin elasticity, density and firmness; reduce fine lines and wrinkles; repair photodamage and hyperpigmentation; improve hydration and significantly smooth skin for a more youthful appearance.


Amino Acids and Compounds:

Ipamorelin/Sermorelin Blend (injectable)
The strength-building, anti-aging, and healing properties have made our Ipamorelin/Sermorelin a popular option for those looking to control body weight and build lean muscle.

Glucosamine (injectable)
Whether you’re feeling joint discomfort due to a medical condition, past injury, or normal wear and tear, injectable glucosamine can help relieve pain and restore joint mobility.

L-Arginine (injectable)
L-arginine is an essential amino acid that increases blood flow for a healthier heart and a happier sex-life! L-arginine is used to reduce bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and accelerate healing.

L-Carnitine (injectable)
L-carnitine is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants fight harmful particles in the body known as free radicals, which damage cells and tamper with DNA.

L-Glutamine (injectable)
L-glutamine helps prevent muscles from breaking down during times of stress or strenuous exercise. It also promotes growth hormone production, which helps to metabolize body fat while supporting new muscle growth.


EXP Proformance Supplements:

Extreme ProFormance
"Free Testosterone" is available for your body to use with the remaining testosterone “bound” by a protein called SHBG. High levels of estrogen cause more SHBG, and more SHBG means less Free Testosterone. Estro Flush promotes healthy estrogen metabolism and an optimal ratio of estrogen metabolites.

Extreme ProFormance
Every day, your liver is overworked and over-stressed by chemicals, poor food choices, excess alcohol, environmental pollutants and the constant stress of our hectic lives. Liv-R-Flush helps protect your liver and maintain healthy liver function.

Extreme ProFormance
We combine advanced vitamin/mineral research with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to produce daily,  state-of-the-art supplements that are essential for optimum health.

Extreme ProFormance
Healthy thyroid function relies on proper supplementation. Thyroid Support provides a proprietary blend of nutrients designed to promote and maintain optimal thyroid health.

Our Detox Plan combines state-of-the-art research on detoxifying foods and the supporting anti-inflammatory supplements to ensure you’re getting the maximum cleansing benefits while maintaining healthy nutrition.


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